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Horst Miehe
Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
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Swimgym Manager (Community Swim)

Key Selling Points
1. You will make a difference to the lives of school children through swim and survive.
2. You will be working in a role that has a huge amount of variety.
3. You will be in charge of your own destiny and working hours.

Job Summary
The Swimgym Manager (Community Swim) will work with the Field of Dreams Foundation to lead a group of teachers to deliver free swimming lessons and report on the results of those lessons.

About the Business
Swimgym is a community based learn to swim programme that runs lessons in multiple locations around Auckland. We contract to the Find Your Field of Dreams (FYFOD) foundation to deliver community swim with the support of Auckland Council.
The programme delivers swim lessons to over 19,000 swimmers in over 90 schools in Auckland, on Waiheke and in Hamilton. This role manages Community Swim, the swim teachers, the schools and the relationships with key stakeholders and funders. Swimgym delivers the lessons in constant cooperation with the Find Your Field of Dreams Foundation and Auckland Council.
There is a high social value to Community Swim and our involvement in it is highly respected both internally and externally.

About the Role
This vibrant and challenging role will offer plenty of variety. Key outcomes for the Swimgym Manager are:-
Stakeholders and Funders: The Swimgym Manager (Community Swim) with the Director of Coaching will be working hard to ensure that the stakeholders and funders are happy with our service delivery. We will also work with the Find Your Field of Dreams Foundation to help widen the scope of the programme and do everything that we can to increase the funds available to it.
Unity: Swimgym has a wider learn to swim programme but is particularly proud of its involvement in Community Swim. It is our intent to leverage of the resources of Swimgym to make the Community Swim programme
Swim Teachers: A pool (excuse the pun) of swim teachers from the Swimgym programme can be drawn upon to help with Community Swim. But additional Swim Teachers will need to be recruited, trained and managed.
Schools: The Manager for Community Swim will be the primary point of contact for schools and linking them to the pools and getting Auckland council to arrange bus transport.
Administration: The Swimgym Manager will be responsible for all compliance in the programme from data and results through to health and safety. Swimgym and the Community Swim programme have comprehensive health and safety plan.

Benefits and Perks
This role is predominantly a 9-3 Role with some mop up done outside those hours. The successful applicant will be able to manage their time and potentially work a little harder in early and late weeks within a term, and reduce their working hours through the holidays or mid weeks in a term.
There is a high level of flexibility within the role including an ability to manage and develop administrative support within a budget.
The role as it currently stands includes a Car, a Laptop and a phone.

Skills and Experience
We are open to applicants with School Experience, Grant/Trusts experience or Swim School experience. Ideally the successful applicant will be a former swim teacher or school teacher with great organizational skills and an ability for global thought. A swim teacher who has had more than 5 years experience with at least 2 years management experience or a school teacher with more than 5 years teaching experience would be preferred. Consideration would be given to someone with experience in the Grants and/or Fundraising space.
The successful applicant will be able to demonstrate a high level of competence and organization. They will be able to work within a team and add value to the wider Swimgym brand. They will have an ability to move seamlessly between engaging with teachers, working collaboratively with Auckland Council to promoting the benefits of the programme to funders and potential sponsors.
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