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Ahmed M. Abdul-Ghaffar
Bahrain Swimming Association
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Bahrain Swimming Association(BSA) is undergoing a vast development program to improve all aspects of swimming in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The Bahrain Swimming Association has been accepted into the Olympic Solidarity Development of National Sports System (DNSS) program. Therefore we are searching for a technical expert to help us develop the BSA for a six month period through the Olympic Solidarity program.

Below are our goals for the program:

• Evaluating the current swimming program
• Develop a structured Swimming program
• Establish a systematic evaluation process for our national team coaches.
• Set up a Coaching Development Program (CDP)
• Administrative system of technical management of the BSA
• Improve Technical Aspect Coaching of National Team.
• Enable the BSA to better administer the technical aspect of program development for coaches and athletes.
• Produce higher quality athletes and be able to compete internationally

Please send your application to:
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